CentralReach Review

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  • Date: July 15, 2022

CentralReach is a leading EHR (Electronic Health Records), and practice management solution for educators and clinicians focused on occupational therapy, PH-12 special education, speech therapy, and applied behavioral analysis.

It was founded in 2012 by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Charlotte Fudge, after she experienced firsthand challenges in managing an ABA clinic.

Over 80,000 administrators and therapists use the CentralReach System actively every year.

CentralReach provides a complete set of integrated solutions and rich functionality ideal for any established behavioral health practitioner searching for comprehensive solutions. The same dataset is used to power BI, clinical, revenue management, practice management, and HR solutions. This results in operational consistency and time savings.

The CentralReach System is built explicitly for the behavioral health market. So, it comes with various value-add features such as CentralReach Institute and Chartlytics. CentralReach Institute provides a marketplace of expert-created courses to assist your team’s professional development.

On the other hand, Chartlytics is a real-time behavioral change tool that helps your therapist make effective, well-informed decisions daily. This assists more learners in realizing their potential.

Generally, CentralReach users are very impressed with this system.

This article has everything you need to know about CentralReach. Read on for more detailed information about CentralReach.

Pros of CentralReach

  • Accurate appointment scheduling. CentralReach allows you to easily book appointments and match staff, clinical, and clinician availability and calendars for accurate appointment scheduling.
  • Efficient billing. CentralReach helps streamline billing from the start to the end. Therefore, it converts every appointment to a timesheet for easy payroll, invoicing, and claim processing.
  • Enhanced documentation of clinical data. CentralReach features customizable forms to document clinical session reports and summaries. It also collects your client’s signatures on the spot.
  • Payroll Accuracy. It tracks the worked hours and allocates pay rates, helping you to manage and process payroll accurately.
  • Document Management. It tracks and manages all the employee onboarding documentation. It also keeps the clinician’s credentials up to date.
  • User friendly. The CentralReach System is intuitive and easy to use, as noted by about 80% of users who have reviewed its usability.
  • Robust functionality. CentralReach provides a powerful platform of successful business management tools, as noted by approximately 60% of the users who have mentioned its functionality.
  • Easy to customize. Approximately 90% of the users have reviewed that CentralReach can be easily customized according to the business’s needs.
  • Adequate customer support. Although some users have noted that the support can be slow, it is professional, friendly, and available 24/7.
  • It provides precision educational content and teaching tools.
  • It excels in data collection, visualization, and analysis.
  • It is designed especially for occupational therapy, speech therapy, ABA, and PK-12 special education.

Cons of CentralReach

  • The reporting feature. About 50% of the CentralReach users who reviewed the reporting feature noted that it is not very useful and efficient.
  • Learning curve. About 75% of the users who mentioned learning to use CentralReach said that the learning curve is steep.

  • Downtime. Almost 99% of the users who reviewed downtime of this software noted that its downtime is quite frequent. They also mentioned that data could not be accessed or viewed during maintenance and updates. This slows down productivity.
  • Advanced features. About 80% of the users who mention advanced features of CentralReach noted that it has many issues and slows down the process.
  • Mobile app. Some users have noted that using this software on mobile can be more challenging. For instance, it glitches a lot.
  • The metadata will not always pull into a report.

CentralReach Main Features

Here, we will review some of the main features of CentralReach and their benefits to mental health practice. We have also attached images of some of the features to help you understand its architecture and design.

1. Appointments and  Scheduling

CentraReach has a “Find a Provider” tool that clients can leverage to schedule appointments.

For instance, this tool allows your clients to search for their ideal and preferred clinician using several criteria such as;

  • Language credentials
  • Distance from client
  • Zip code
  • Availability

The above criteria will allow you to march every client with their ideal clinician.

It is also vital to note that appointments on CentraReach come with a flexible tagging feature. This enables you to create labels of your choice, allowing you to categorize each appointment.

The data and information from each appointment move automatically into the clinical and billing sections of your CentralReach System.

CentralReach gives you a wide range of ways to view your calendar. For instance, you can view your calendar by;

  • Day
  • Week
  • Month

Pulling in appointments for specific clients or RBTs on CentralReach is straightforward. For instance, this incredible platform has a useful planner view tool that allows you to view appointments aggregated by clients or RBTs.

2. Clinical Documentation

CentralReach provides a digital program book to select goals or objectives from a pre-populated library.

CentralReach also offers customizable electronic notes and sheets. These allow you to create end-of-session forms, assessments, intervention plans, progress reports, and plans.

The electronic sheets and notes are customizable to meet your client’s needs. They are also integrated with the other vital data in your CentralReach System, such as clinical and client data.

Besides, data from notes are integrated with your CentralReach billing system, creating efficiencies for your claims and payroll workflow.

3. Billing $ Invoicing system

The CentralReach billing and invoicing systems were designed explicitly for ABA professionals to minimize the time needed to process claims.

Every appointment is matched with a billing code. This allows the claims and payroll process to start as soon as the appointment begins.

The billing system has a Claims Manager tool that uses the data from the client’s appointment to submit claims.

CentralReach also provides another new billing service called BillMax. This service is exclusively available for CentralReach customers. BillMax’s support professionals are revenue cycle management experts. So, they can help you increase your revenue and improve the clean claims rate. This is essential in streamlining end-to-end. That is from claims submission to collections receivables.

They are also available for live training of your team and outgoing consultations on billing best practices.

4. Precision Teaching

CentralReach features Chartlytics. This real-time behavior change tool lets your therapist make a better decision by measuring behavior and recording it virtually.

When correctly implemented, Chartlytics can empower your team to teach more efficiently, qualify learner progress, and consistently assist learners in realizing their potential.

CentralReach also provides CR Institute. This has free and premium courses to assist your behavior analytics in succeeding more with precision teaching.

5. Human Resources

CentralReach provides solutions for employee onboarding, payroll, and credentialing.

It features a document management solution that lets you gather all essential documents from your employees. This includes personal verification documents, executed company agreements, and tax.

This tool also provides a report that makes it easy to identify your employees with outstanding documents.

Furthermore, its payroll solution uses data in the calendar to calculate every employee’s wages and time. Besides, CentralReach easily integrates all this data with your preferred payroll processor.

6. Insights Data Warehouse

CentralReach features an Insights Data Warehouse. It is ideal for large enterprise organizations that require access to a secure and safe central repository of real-time raw data.

This allows them to build reports with the help of third-party analytics tools that are not part of CentralReach software. For instance, rich datasets and best-in-class data models make it easy for business analytics experts and professionals to extract, build, and interpret custom reports. This helps them meet key business objectives and requirements.

7. Customer Support

CentralReach gives you access to professional, responsive, and friendly customer support services. You can access it via email and contact phone numbers.

It also provides adequate customer support via social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Furthermore, it has a FAQ section that gives adequate answers to some of the most asked questions.

Customer support is available 24/7.

Client or Parent Portal

CentralReach provides a secure online gateway (client portal) that allows you to connect with your clients. This client portal has a wide range of tools and functionalities. These include;

  • Billing. CentralReach client portal lets your clients view all their unpaid and paid invoices. They can also submit credit card information and download and pay the invoices. Besides, it allows your clients to sign timesheets electronically.
  • Documentation. Your clients can use the CentralReach client portal to access all their documents, including videos, photos, forms, notes, medical reports, and insurance authorizations. All the documents featured in this menu can be uploaded by your client or shared by other members connected to your client and included in the Team menu. The clients can also share their documents with additional members of your CentralReach team via the client portal.
  • Appointments and schedule. Your clients can access their scheduled appointments via CentralReach’s client portal. However, it is vital to note that the client portal doe not allow clients to schedule or create new appointments.
    • HIPAA-compliant messaging. CentralReach’s HIPAA-compliant client portal allows clients to securely contact or message your team. One helpful functionality is that you can assign which team member will communicate with each of your clients.
  • Main Menu. You can access it by tapping the top left corner client’s photo face image icon. Your client can then access their account profile to view their login and contact information, set up notifications via text message or email, SSO settings, and add, update, and update their appointment scheduling availability.
  • Dashboard. This is your client’s default landing page or homepage whenever they log in to the portal. It features four widgets that help your client get a fast overview and easy access to their most recent files, appointments, messages, and call activity. These widgets can be dragged, stretched/shrunk, and moved to various locations according to the client’s preference.
  • Team. The client portal features an organization’s directory of contacts connected to your client. This gives the client access to the organization’s staff and provider contact information.
  • Tasks. Anything the client needs to prepare for an appointment can be communicated to the client by creating a task. The client portal also features a Tasks menu that gives clients access to their assigned action items or to-do list to complete or follow up.
  • Clinical. A Clinical menu offers clients access to their Learning Sessions and Trees. It is designed to give access to perform clinical data collection through accessing their Data or Sessions sheets via the client portal.

CentralReach Security Review

All data and information security are paramount at CentralReach. For instance, it is built on the principle: “Your clients put their entire trust in you to safeguard and protect their sensitive protected health, personally identifiable, and medical information.”

CentralReach also understands that you depend on them to provide a secure and safe environment for your client’s information. For instance, it treats all the information and data with utmost care and confidentiality.

CentralReach takes the following steps to ensure that it earns your trust and keeps you and your clients protected;

1. It is HIPAA compliant

CentralReach understands the critical need for safeguarding and securing your clients’ sensitive and protected health information and data. This measure complies with CentralReach’s collective responsibility under HIPAA.

They have taken many measures in their policies, procedures, and product applications, as well as extra precautionary steps that entail guidance from outside assessment firms that assess, verify, and reviewCentralReach’s compliance with HIPAA.

CentralReach also conducts annual HIPAA assessments via a rigorous process with BDO, the nationally recognized consulting and accounting firm. BDO attests to CentralReach being extremely HIPAA compliant.

2. It is SOC2 compliant

CentralReach understands the essence of technical systems and network security infrastructure. It also understands the importance of maintaining and implementing rigorous data security procedures, practices, and policies to offer a secure environment for your and your client’s data.

For instance, it has adopted and maintains the industry-leading organization and systems controls regarding its products. It has also completed the SOC2 (Service Organization Control) audit. SOC is the leading standard for technology organizations and companies in acknowledging that an organization adheres to best practices and trust service principles.

3. CentraReach complies with privacy regulations and laws

CentralReach understands the essence of complying with privacy regulations and rules concerning users’ personally identifiable information.

For instance, CentralReach has taken many steps to protect its users and their clients’ personally identifiable information.

In recent years, CentralReach has worked with TRUSTe, a nationally recognized privacy assessment firm, via the TrustArc division to assess and review its privacy procedures and policies. For instance, TRUSTe attested that CentralReach had met all the US Privacy Shield Customer Data Verification requirements.

CentralReach also serves foreign and domestic customers. So, CentralReach applied and was accepted by the United States Department of Commerce into both Swiss-US Privacy Sh and the EU-US Privacy Shield program.

It also complies with the GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation), including through the use of;

  • PIPEDA (Canada’s Personal Protection and Electronic Documents Act)
  • Standard Contractual Clause.

4. CentralReach provides a fully-compliant credit card processing solution

CentralReach understands the importance of its users processing credit card transactions fully and securely.

According to CentralReach, they have worked with their credit card processing partner in ensuring the users’ credit card transactions through CentralReach are fully PCI compliant.

CentralReach’s Approach to Information Security

CentralReach uses a multi-layered approach to deliver industry-leading security and privacy infrastructure to safeguard the users’ and clients’ data and information. This includes;

  • It provides state-of-art Cloud Delivered SAAS Products. This leverages the leading Cloud providers with comprehensive security and privacy infrastructures, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service.
  • It uses rigorous Product Application Security to offer a secure and safe product environment for its users and clients. This includes SSL-protected data transport, encryption, systematic backups, role-based access control, penetration testing programs, etc.
  • It works with third parties such as TRUSTe for privacy and BDO for HIPAA. This offers objective third-party confirmation and assessments of compliance.
  • It maintains comprehensive Awareness and Training Programs.

Therefore, CentralReach is fully committed to the effort needed to foster and build a Culture of Security. For instance, you can trust that CentralReach will keep working tirelessly to ensure that the protected security and privacy of your data and that of your clients is a paramount and present factor in everything they do.

Centralreach Pricing

CentralReach does not offer a free or trial plan. For instance, like many enterprise SaaS software, CentralReach charges ongoing subscription and implementation fees.

There are additional charges for;

  • Custom software configuration fee. It usually is $200 per hour.
  • Custom training fee. This is usually $150 per hour for virtual training and $1500 per day for onsite training.
  • Electronic claims charges. This fee is usually $0.02 per electronic claim.

Considering all these, CentralReach is relatively expensive compared to the alternative software.

Centralreach FAQs

How can I reset my CentralReachReach password?

If you forgot your CentralReach password, you are allowed up to ten attempts to enter a correct password while signing in. After the tenth attempt, you will be forced to reset your password.

Here is how you can reset your password;

Step 1: Navigate to the CentralReach client portal login page and click on Forgot Password.

Step 2: Enter your email address/ username and check the “I am not a robot” reCAPTCHA.

Step 3: Click on RESET PASSWORD. A reset password link will be sent to the email address associated with your CentralReach account.

Step 4: Click or open the reset password link, enter a new password, and tap on RESET PASSWORD.

Step 5: Tap on “Click here to continue” and log into your CentralReach account.

How do you compose a new message on CentralReach?

Step 1: Locate the Message module and click + Compose New Message.

Step 2: Under the Add recipient field, type the name of the contact you want to send the message. It is vital to note that you can only send a message to a contact you are connected to.

Step 3: Type the subject of your message in the Subject field.

Step 4: Type your message in the message field. The toolbar can format your fonts, add tables, etc.

Step 5: Tap the Upload button to attach files to your message. You can also use the Select Files link or drag your file into the Drop files here tap.

Step 6: Click on “Send message” to send your message.

Why is Session Data on CentralReach not Pulling into a Note?

The session data (summary) on CentralReach may not be pulled into a note because the user failed to end the session on the previous date.

For instance, the session data is tied to the start date. So, only a single session data (summary) will be generated. That is usually the one selected in the note to locate your session summary.

Here is how you can check your start date;

Step 1: Go to the Learn module and click Clinical > Sessions.

Step 2: In the upper right-hand corner, select the Clock icon. This is usually the History.

Step 3: Locate the session you need to review. You will see Started: date. You can use this date to pull in your session data (summary).

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