Theralink Review

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  • Date: July 8, 2022

Theralink is a cloud-based telehealth platform for private, small, and medium-scale mental and behavioral health practitioners.

This telehealth solution is HIPAA-compliant and features secure messaging, session and client notes, file sharing, electronic payments, video, online directory listing for clients, etc.

It also provides custom waiting rooms and office manager accounts with music, which gives clients or patients a therapeutic experience.

This cloud or web-based platform stores all messages from conversations with staff members, clients, and colleagues. It also lets users upload and share various files with their clients.

Practitioners and providers can view detailed profiles of their clients. This includes reports on session durations, previous appointments, payment amounts, personal information, etc.

Theralink allows users to make a client payment request at any time. For instance, just before the beginning of a session, clients can click on the “Pay Now” button to instantly make payments online.

It also provides users with a calendar with intuitive and easy-to-use appointment reminders and Scheduling.

Furthermore, it offers browser protection via its content security policy, which includes an automatic session logout system.

Therefore, if you are a mental and behavioral health practitioner searching for a telehealth solution, consider investing in Theralink.

This article has everything your need to know about Theralink. Keep reading to learn more.

Pros of Theralink

  • File sharing is painless and easy with Theralink. For instance, you only need to upload your file and select the client you would like to share the file with. Besides, you and your clients are seamlessly notified whenever a file is successfully shared.
  • Theralink offers a custom waiting room to clients. Theralink directs your clients to the custom waiting room until you are ready to let them in. The waiting room features music, which gives your clients a therapeutic experience.
  • It links client scheduling directly to your website. For instance, it lets you invite clients and assign them to a practitioner. You can also schedule appointments on a practitioner’s calendar.
  • Theralinks works on all devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows. So, it can be accessed easily from any place and device, including tablet, PC, or smartphone.
  • Customer support is responsive and available 24/7.
  • Easy to verify safety features and HIPAA security.
  • Its interface is straightforward, intuitive, and easy to use.

Cons of Theralink

  • It does not have an app for Android and iOS users. You can only use it over the web browser.
  • It does not provide note-taking options without upgrading to another pricing plan.
  • It has too many dropdown menus and clicks for making a new appointment.
  • It does not support synchronization with the outside Calendars.
  • You must have a personal website to use Theralink.
  • It does not provide options for clients to pay for the SMS-based monthly therapy subscriptions.

Main Features of Theralink

1. Client Scheduler

The client scheduler gives you complete control over your scheduling calendar. It also allows your clients to schedule appointments.

You can also set your availability. That is, whether in the office, online, or both. Besides, you can link your client or patient scheduler from your website if you want.

With Client Scheduler, new clients or patients are added automatically to your practice. They are also sent a welcome email.

Furthermore, the Client Scheduler allows you to approve client appointment requests from your Theralink Dashboard.

2. Automatic Appointment Reminders

Automatic appointment reminders are a notable Theralink feature that allows you to send reminders through email, thus reducing the chances of no-shows.

You can also turn the reminders ON or OFF at the practice level. Besides, you can set 24 hours, 48 hours, or 72 hours according to your appointment cancellation policy.

3. Appointment Types

This unique Theralink feature allows users to create appointment types to match their services. This includes intake, couple, or individual.

It also allows you to approve, edit, and decline appointment requests from your client or patients. Furthermore, this feature lets you add payments to your scheduled appointments.

4. Client Payment

Theralink allows you to set your fee per client per scheduled appointment. For instance, you can;

  • Set your patient’s payment amount when scheduled
  • Request payment from your patients or clients at any time.
  • Your clients can easily pay through credit cards.
  • Stripe process the charges for a flat 2.9% + $30. For instance, when you charge $100, you get $96.80.
  • Cash gets deposited into your account in two business days on average.

It is easy for clients to log into Theralink and pay you. You can decide whether your client is needed to pay before joining the session. You can also notify your clients of all payment requests. You will be notified via email for each payment.

Theralink also gives you visibility into each of your payment requests. For instance, you can view all current outstanding payment requests and edit them accordingly. You can also take a look at all the past payment history.

Furthermore, your clients can view their outstanding payments requests and history of payments.

5. Session and Clients Notes

Theralink features a blank canvas editor that enables you to create the notes of your dreams. Using this editor is as easy as using Word or any other editing software you already know.

The notes can be written as a general client note or be associated with a session. You can also create notes in any style you would like, with bold, italics, headings, etc. Besides, the notes can be made to match your needs.

Theralink also allows you to save your typed notes safely and securely. For instance, each note is auto-saved. So, you do not need to start over. You can sign and lock your typed note so it can be edited when required. Besides, the notes are dated and time-stamped.

Furthermore, you can quickly review past notes. For instance, you do not need to go back and forth in the Theralink app to find past notes. You can look back at your past session and client notes while on the same page as you write new notes. You can also copy and paste a note from your previous notes.

6. Online Virtual Session and Custom Waiting Room

This telehealth feature puts video first and makes seeing your clients a top priority. For instance, you can use it to keep your clients in the waiting room until you call them in when you are ready.

This Theralink feature also gives your clients a wonderful therapeutic experience. For instance, you can customize the waiting room with fantastic imagery and select from the available music options such as RnB, spa, acoustic, etc.

It also provides seamless group, family, or couple telehealth sessions. For instance, you will be able to see everyone in the group session just like you were in your office. You can share your screen with everyone in the group session.

However, you can hide your self-view and see your patients even larger on your screen. Besides, the clients can mute themselves, or you can mute them if needed.

It is vital to note that payment is needed before your clients enter a session.

7. Theralink Directory

This fantastic Theralink feature allows your clients to easily search and find you for online services or in-office services.

Theralink directory enables you to be visible online and be found in search engines. This increases the chances of obtaining the “right” or “ideal” client for your practice.

You can link directly from your website to your Theralink Directory and vice versa. For instance, your Theralink directory profile page can link to your website. This assists you in establishing yourself across multiple places on the internet.

8. Supports iOS and Android Operating Systems

Theralink supports the Android operating system. Its user interface on Android OS is simple, intuitive, straightforward, and easy to use. For instance, you only need a Firefox or Chrome browser – no app required.

You can also use Theralink on all devices using iOS. It also does not need an app. All you need to do is open the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad, log in to your Theralink and begin your video session.

9. Security

With Theralink, all your clients’ data is covered and protected. It also supports hashed and salted passwords. For instance, all web traffics are encrypted through AES-256 bit encryption, HTTPS, and TLS 1.2.

It also supports the following security features;

  • Business Associate Agreement (BAA) provided
  • HIPAA-certified support staff (24x7x365)
  • Browser protection through Content Security Policy
  • Encrypted file and database backups
  • HIPAA Procedures Policies in place
  • Continuous system risk analysis
  • Passwords and credit cards are never stored
  • Multi-factor biometric data center access
  • Encrypted PHI
  • Restricted PHI access to employee
  • HTTPS only, via HSTS (Strict Transport Security)
  • Automatic Session Timeout

However, for optimal security of your Theralink account, you need to make your Theralink password unique and change it often. You should also log out of the Theralink site whenever you want to step away from the computer.

10. Responsive Customer Support

Theralink has friendly, responsive, and professional customer support staff that will solve any issue you face while using Theralink. The support is available 24/7 in a wide range of languages.

You can easily contact customer support to answer your questions, get more information, or give feedback.

You can access this support via email, phone, or the online contact form.

Theralink pricing

Theralink offers straightforward pricing. For instance, it provides a free trial and does not require a credit card. You can choose a subscription plan whenever your free trial ends to continue accessing Theralink services.

You should pick a pricing plan that works best for your needs and practice.

Theralink provides two categories of pricing plans. That is the Individual plan and team plan.

  1. Individual Pricing Plan

There are three individual pricing plans that you can choose from.

    • Basic plan. This plan costs $30 per month, and you will get access to the client scheduler, five sessions per month, and one provider.
  • Plus plan. This plan costs $45 per month per provider. You will get access to the directory listing, unlimited sessions, payment requests, office manager accounts, secure file sharing, and an advanced client scheduler.
  • Ultimate Plan. This individual pricing plan is available at $65 per month per provider. It gives you access to all plus plan features. You can also access session and client notes, branded portal, secure messaging, and directory listing.
  1. Team Pricing Plans

The team pricing plans on Theralink also include three plans which are;

  • Basic team plan. This plan is available at $250 per month, and it comes with 50 sessions per month, a client scheduler, and unlimited providers.
  • The Plus team plan. You can subscribe to this plan at $40 per month per provider. It will give you access to five providers minimum, directory listing, advanced client scheduler, office manager accounts, secure file sharing, payment requests, and unlimited sessions.
  • Ultimate team plan. This plan gives you access to all the plus team features and at least five providers. It also gives you access to session and client notes, API Access, secure messaging, custom branding, and directory listing. It is available at $55 per month per client.

You should note that with either of the above pricing plans, you get access to;

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Group Session Ability
  • Amazing Support
  • Custom Waiting Room
  • 24/7 bilingual customer support.
  • Basic Scheduling, which includes Email notifications and reminders.
  • Customize per appointment
  • Accept Payment

You can easily change the pricing plan down (upgrade or downgrade) at any time via the Theralink portal after you sign up.

You also need to note that your clients do not need to pay to use Theralink. For instance, as a provider, you are paying for Theralink monthly services to extend your practice online. You need to send them the invitation link, which they can open to join your sessions. Your clients only need to create a straightforward, free login account from the invitation.

Furthermore, you should note that when you exhaust all the allotted sessions in your plan billing cycle, Theralink will prompt you to upgrade your current plan to the next pricing plan. You will only be needed to pay the difference at that particular time. However, Theralink will not allow you to upgrade your current pricing plan if you don’t plan to use another session until the next pricing plan billing cycle.


1. Will I be notified if any client requests an appointment with me?

You will be notified whenever a client requests an appointment with you on Theralink. However, you can disable these email notifications.

The notification is generally via the email address that you signed up with. The email will direct or link you to log in to your Theralink account, where you can decline or approve the request.

Once you log in, the Dashboard will notify you of the appointment request. If the appointment request is in the past, you will not view the request pending.You can click “View” to Decline or Approve the appointment request.

2. Do you have to use Theralink Calendar for your appointments?

You need to enter your appointment on your Theralink Calendar for online sessions. This will ensure that your clients receive an email link to join the session. When your client logs in to join, it will show up at the proper or correct time.

You can also get a calendar invite when an appointment is scheduled. For instance, if you are using Gmail, click “YES” on the invite link, and the Theralink appointment will appear on your Gmail Calendar.

3. Can clients pay you via Theralink

Theralink’s Stripe Connect platform allows your clients to pay you. However, you must set up and link your Stripe account.

After setting up your Stripe account, you will be able to insert payment requirements while creating appointments, and your clients will be directed or prompted to make payments for their sessions when they enter the appointment waiting room.

Here is how you can do it;

Step 1: Go to the scheduling section and select “Create an appointment.”

Step 2: Enter the Appointment details, which include invitees.

Step 3: Choose your client’s name from the PAYERS dropdown list.

Step 4: Enter the payment amount next to your client’s name.

Step 5: Click on “Save.” Your client will get an email and be directed or prompted to pay for the session when they sign in.

4. How can you set your client’s default payment amount?

Setting up a default payment amount for your client helps make billing easier. For instance, when you schedule an appointment and enable payment, the amount will default to the payment for the session.

This is convenient for providers or practitioners who offer sliding-scale prices or charge different amounts for different clients.

Here is how you can set up a default payment amount for your clients;

Step 1: Go to People in the menu and click “My Clients.”

Step 2: Select your client’s profile icon.

Step 3: Click on the Providers tab. This will open the client’s provider list.

Step 4: Locate your name and click on the “Edit” tab.

Step 5: Input your default payment amount.

Step 6: Click on “Save.”

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