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  • Date: July 11, 2022

Whether you’re a therapist managing your own practice or you’re a part of a larger collective of practicing psychologists, you’ll need software to manage your patients. There are plenty of options out there, but a massive variety of choices can make it challenging to find what works best for you and your needs.

TheraNest has been around since the mid-2010s and has amassed a 96% customer satisfaction rating (according to their website). There are currently more than 60,000 individual therapists using it and 20,000 practices as well.

With such a large userbase and that many years of service, you can trust that TheraNest is reliable, legitimate product. Even though it has longevity and consistent users, it isn’t a completely perfect solution for every type of practice.

Here’s our rundown of TheraNest: its features, pros and cons, and nearly everything else you’d want to know before committing to the mental health software.

Let’s dive in!

What is TheraNest? 

TheraNest is a mental health software to help your practice manage patient scheduling, billing, note-taking, and a variety of other patient-related tasks.

The product used to have its own website, but it was recently integrated within its parent company, Even though it’s in a new place, TheraNest still maintains its patient management functionalities.

TheraNest Key Facts:

  • TheraNest is HIPAA-compliant. Your patient data is encrypted through Amazon Web Services. It’s also encrypted via SSL in transit and while at rest.
  • The mental health software offers a free 21-day trial. You aren’t required to enter any credit card information for this, so you won’t have to worry about an unexpected bill if you forget to cancel.
  • There are three different TheraNest products: TheraNest Lite, TheraNest Professional, and TheraNest Enterprise.
  • Each product has a unique price. TheraNest Lite starts at $29 per therapist, TheraNest Professional starts at $39 per month, and to find out the price of TheraNest Enterprise, you’ll have to contact the company’s sales team.
  • The TheraNest product tiers offer different features. There are also additional add-ons. For instance, sending automated text message reminders to patients for their upcoming appointments is an optional add-on for each of the TheraNest tiers.
  • Telehealth is available for TheraNest and this is also HIPAA-compliant.

TheraNest Pros and Cons


  • TheraNest offers a ton of customization: the tier levels, the add-ons, and within the program itself. You have so many options to get what you need out of this mental health software.
  • The software system is well-organized, making it very simple to find what you’re looking for.
  • TheraNest has so many features — you should have nearly everything you need to manage your practice. They even have a form for you to suggest new features if you feel that something is missing.
  • The company has created an enormous Knowledge Base that will help you set up your account and the information is incredibly detailed.
  • The portal is well-constructed and continues to be improved by the TheraNest team.
  • The customizable forms are simple to maneuver and create.


  • People who have used TheraNest have complained about slow customer service in their reviews.
  • Pricing isn’t readily available for some of the features and the Enterprise level without talking to the sales team.
  • Telehealth is an add-on for the two lower tiers, instead of an included feature.
  • There are so many features that it can be overwhelming to learn.

Who is TheraNest Best For?

Each of the TheraNest products best suits a different type of psychology practice.

TheraNest Lite is best for practitioners who run their own practice — whether they’re a seasoned professional or freshly-licensed newbie. It also works well for a group practice with only a few therapists. Basically, if you’re a part of a small practice, or are cost-conscious, this would be the best fit for you.

TheraNest Professional is meant to support a medium-sized practice. It does offer more features than TheraNest Lite, so if you’re a solo or smaller practice with a larger budget or customer base, this software may be more appropriate.

TheraNest Enterprise is offers the most features of each of the three products. It’s best for a practice that offers multiple specialties and/or a large number of therapists — especially because it’s the most expensive option.

What are TheraNest’s Main Features?

Every version of TheraNest has a plethora of features to help your practice run smoothly.

Here’s what you can expect if you purchase TheraNest for your office:

  • Practice Management

The TheraNest software is readily accessible by web. There isn’t a limit to how many computers you can register to it, so whether you’re in the office or checking in from home, you’ll always be able to access TheraNest.

Each version of TheraNest has paperless records, reporting, and scheduling as well.

  • Scheduling

Another TheraNest feature is its scheduling tool, which is included in each software tier. There are different categorizations for group, individual, and telehealth sessions. Besides the type of appointment, you can also book specific rooms for patient appointments as well.

You can add your and your coworkers’ availability, so you aren’t accidentally double-booked. If you need to sift through the appointments to find something specific, you can filter by staff member, service type, location, and patient.

  • Email Appointment Reminders

To help your patients remember their upcoming appointments, TheraNest offers email-based appointment reminders.

  • Note Templates

Taking notes during patient appointments is a major part of every therapist’s day. This is another feature available in all versions of TheraNest. You can also control who can see to your patient’s notes with an access control feature.

TheraNest offers plenty of customizable templates and even has an option for creating your own forms. The software allows you to store your client’s charts. And, if you’re still getting your license and working with a supervising psychologist, there’s an option for them to approve and cosign your work.

  • Patient Portal

TheraNest isn’t only for providers. There’s a patient portal included as a part of the software. Your patients have the option to make appointments and adjust them as needed, complete a self-service intake, and send you secure messages.

Patients can also see their upcoming therapy appointments and have access to intake forms and questionnaires. Within the portal, you can send your patients bill estimates, consent updates, and other forms as needed.

If you have TheraNest Lite there is a limit to the number of forms you can upload, but there isn’t a limit in the upper-tier TheraNests.

Along with the provider part of TheraNest, the patient portal is also HIPAA-compliant.

The portal allows your patients to start their telehealth appointment.

Are you treating children? If so, their parents can manage their accounts through the portal. There’s even an option for multiple parents to access their children’s accounts if they are separated and co-parenting.

  • Credit Card Payments

Another useful feature for you and your patients is being able to pay by credit or debit card. Within the patient portal, your clients can upload their billing information, which allows you to bill them online.

  • Audit and Management Reporting

Every tier of TheraNest allows you to access analytics and reports about your business. For instance, you can see which referrals are getting you the most patients and which interventions are the most effective.

  • Secure Messaging

Being able to send secure messages to their psychologist is a feature many patients expect from their therapy practice. Patients can message their practitioner through all versions of the TheraNest software.

In TheraNest Professional and TheraNest Enterprise, your patients also have the option to message your front desk staff too.

This feature is HIPAA-compliant as well.

  • Implementation and Training

If you’re switching all your patient information from another mental health services program into TheraNest, worry not. TheraNest has a special data import tool that allows you to easily move your information from your old software into the new one.

After you have TheraNest installed, there are also plenty of videos and tutorials that will help you understand all its features. If you purchased TheraNest Enterprise, the TheraNest team will provide training for you and your team.

  • Customer Support

Even with a library of informational videos, you may occasionally need assistance from a human being. With all levels of TheraNest, you have the option to contact their customer service team through email and over the phone.

On the TheraNest Professional and TheraNest Enterprise level, you also have a customer service chat function.

TheraNest Add-ons

There are a few features that are optional add-ons for the TheraNest software, meaning if you’d like these functionalities, you’ll have to pay a little extra for them.

Here are TheraNest’s special add-on features:

  • Billing and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

While TheraNest allows credit card payments, adding the billing and RCM feature will allow you to create invoices and statements, submit primary and secondary billing, and track insurance write-offs and patient balances. This add-on allows you to process EOB files, too.

You can also make CMS-1500 forms and easily post ERAs with adjustments — each of which will cut down on your time spent posting payments. Besides this, the billing and RCM feature creates a daily billing report, to help you track your practice’s payments and billing.

If you don’t want to handle billing at all, there’s also an option to let the TheraNest team take the lead. They have dedicated billing staff that will handle the monetary side of your business.

The TheraNest website notes that TheraNest Lite will only support a “simple billing or RCM service” while TheraNest Professional and TheraNest Enterprise have the option for a “professional billing or RCM service.” There isn’t public information about what this difference is, but it’s something to keep in mind as you consider this product.

  • Appointment Reminders: SMS and phone

While each level of TheraNest comes with email appointment reminders, text and phone call reminders are add-ons. Texts are .2 cents each and calls are .5 cents each.

  • Wiley Notes and Practice Planner

Another interesting add-on is the Wiley Notes and Practice Planner. This feature helps you create treatment plans for your patients. Within the notes section, there are more than 1,000 treatment goals, objectives, and progress notes for you to use.

The information is compatible with the DSM-5. For instance, if you’re treating someone with depression, you can use the prewritten information in the Wiley Notes and Practice Planner to quickly make customized treatment plan for them. This can help save you time and let you focus more on what’s important — caring for your patients.

Along with the treatment plans, there’s also a progress note planner. This tool gives you the ability to take diligent notes about your patient’s progress.

This is included as a part of TheraNest Enterprise.

  • Telehealth

Telehealth has become more popular than ever, especially because of the pandemic. Patients love the convenience of talking to their therapist from the comfort of their own home.

The TheraNest telehealth add-on is HIPAA-compliant and certified by HIPAA. Your patient’s privacy will be protected. To use this system, your patients aren’t required to download any extra software.

You can send your patient a link to log on through email (or text if you opt in for that feature). There’s also an option to send them a secure message with the telehealth link through the patient portal. Once they have the link, all your patient needs to do is click and they’ll be taken to your secure telehealth session.

On the provider side, you can start a telehealth appointment in the calendar tab or in your appointments list. If you’re running a group telehealth session, you can have up to six participants at once.

While this is an add-on for TheraNest Lite and TheraNest Professional, it is included with TheraNest Enterprise.

  • E-Prescribe

If you’re prescribing medicine for your patients, E-Prescribe simplifies the process. With this feature, you can write prescriptions, re-up their refills, manage their medications, and even give EPCS controlled-substance prescriptions.

For the controlled-substance prescriptions, there’s an option to add a prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP). The PDMP can help you notice an addiction issue quickly.

If you’re prescribing a new medication for your patient or they’ve just updated their insurance, there’s a feature that shows them how much they can expect to pay for their prescription.

There are other automatic point-of-care tools that check for drug-drug, drug-allergy, dosing, and contraindication for your patients.

This add-on isn’t available for TheraNest Lite but can be purchased for TheraNest Professional. TheraNest Enterprise also offers this feature with the rest of the program.

What is it Like to Use the TheraNest Portal?

To see how TheraNest worked, we took a free 21-day trial of TheraNest Professional. We couldn’t access the platform’s add-ons, so this review will cover the base product.

The TheraNest platform was very simple to navigate. Each of the tabs is well-labeled and makes it extremely easy to find what you’re looking for.

Another feature that protects your patient’s safety is TheraNest’s inactivity feature. After a certain amount of time of you being inactive, the website will log you out. If you weren’t ready to log out, it’s very quick to log back in.

We’ve been testing the website for a several days and it’s remained functional. We haven’t experienced issues with the software breaking or lagging. While it’s worked well for us, we haven’t tried to add an entire practice’s worth of patient data, so that may impact its performance.

TheraNest has a well-stocked Knowledge Base that has thirteen different informational categories. If you click on one of the areas, you’ll be taken to a page with even more pieces of information about every aspect of TheraNest.

There are hundreds of articles, complete with videos, that educate you on the software. With so much information readily available, learning about TheraNest’s features won’t be as much of a struggle.

If you’re using TheraNest and feel like a feature is missing, there’s an option to “Suggest a feature” under your profile (click your initials).

TheraNest is a reliable platform that continues to be improved.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the different sections in the portal*:

  • Agenda

In this section you can see all your patient appointments. You have the option to filter by location, staff, client, and services type. There’s also an option to save filters if you have a particular way you prefer to search.

This is also where you can launch a telehealth session, check your patient notes, and notate whether your patient kept their appointment.

  • Calendar

The calendar tab is very similar to the agenda tab. In this section you can see the patient schedule for the day, week, month, or by staff member. This also lists the URL for a patient’s telehealth session.

You can see how long the patient’s appointment is, where it’s located, and what type of therapy it is. Like the agenda page, you can filter by location, staff, client, and services type to find exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Clients

If you’re looking for more detailed information about your patient, it’s available in the client section of TheraNest. From here you can see your individual patients and groups, you can add patients, import patient information, and add prospective patients as well.

This section will tell you how many active patients are in your system and lists patients who no longer attend your practice, too.

In the individual patient view, you can see their full name, including their preferred name, when they were added into the system, if they have a credit card on file, their current balance, who their therapist is, how many appointments they’ve kept, and the date of their next appointment.

There’s also an option to customize the information grid if you’d like to see more patient information.

  • Staff

The staff tab of TheraNest contains information about everyone currently employed within your practice. You can see active and inactive psychologists and easily add new staff members as your business grows and changes.

For every staff member, you can see their name, position, permissions, and details.

  • Billing

In the billing tab, you can add insurers, complete batch invoicing, payments, and statements, and export your transactions.

  • Dynamic Forms

This part of TheraNest contains the customizable forms. It comes equipped with seven base forms that you can click on and change as needed. For each of the forms, you can edit, duplicate, copy to the intake forms sections, print, archive, or delete. You can also make your own forms.

In the intake forms section, there are options to make forms a part of a patient’s intake process, among a host of other features.

  • Reports

In the reports section of the TheraNest portal, there are six different categories of reports: appointments, billing, cases & notes, clients, demographics, and referrals. Every one of these categories has several types of reports.

If you’re a data-driven practice, there is a plethora of information you can use on this page. It’s incredibly detailed.

  • Organization

The final TheraNest section is called organization, which is a catch-all for settings, sending appointment reminders, claims services, managing your subscription, managing billing, the patient portal, exporting data, and an activity log that tells you everything that’s been entered into the program.

This hub has so many functionalities, it’s difficult to summarize everything it can do. Think of it like this: if you can’t find what you’re looking for in another tab, it’s likely hiding in the organization section.

*The patient information is sample information added by the TheraNest team.

How Does TheraNest’s Pricing Work?

There are three different TheraNest tiers: TheraNest Lite, TheraNest Professional, and TheraNest Enterprise.

TheraNest Lite is the cheapest option. This version of the software is $29 per therapist — but this doesn’t include the price of any add-ons.

The second tier is TheraNest Professional, and it follows a different pricing structure. For this tier, the cost is calculated based on how many patients you have within the system.

Here’s the Professional level pricing breakdown (excluding any add-ons):

  • 30 active patients: $39 per month
  • 40 active patients: $50 per month
  • 50 active patients: $60 per month
  • 80 active patients: $91 per month
  • 100 active patients: $112 per month
  • 130 active patients: $143 per month
  • 150 active patients: $163 per month
  • 200 active patients: $215 per month

The pricing information is available in the TheraNest Professional free trial. Based on this information, you can have up to 1,100 active patients in your system, which will cost $1,142 per month. For more information about anything between 200-1,100 active patients, check out the free trial or speak with a member of the TheraNest sales team.

TheraNest Enterprise doesn’t have a cost listed anywhere publicly, which means you’ll need to speak with the TheraNest sales team to find out the price. When a price isn’t listed, you can assume you’ll be spending quite a bit.

The add-on features themselves also don’t have a public cost listed on the TheraNest website, but this information is available during the free trial.

Here’s the cost breakdown for the add-ons:

  • Access to the client portal: $6 per staff member per month (the first one is free)
  • Wiley Notes and Practice Planner:  $25 per staff member per month
  • Telehealth: $12 per month for 1:1 sessions and $25 for group sessions (up to six patients)
  • Claims service: up to 50 claims, .23 cents per claim; 51-100, .22 cents per claim; 101-400, .20 cents per claim; more than 400 claims .17 cents per claim
  • E-Prescribe: $65 per month (EPCS only), $85 per month (with EPCS and PDMP)

How Does TheraNest’s Billing Work?

According to the billing section in the TheraNest Professional program, billing is managed by the TheraNest team. We’re unsure if having their team do it will increase your cost or if this feature automatically comes with the software.

For the billing, the TheraNest team will take care of claims, denials and resubmissions, insurance payments, and manage adjustments and insurance write-offs. They can help with payer enrollments as well.

They claim that your business with get paid faster in their hands because they are billing experts and can reduce the number of errors.

TheraNest FAQs

  • Does TheraNest have an app?

    • Yes, there is a mobile app available for TheraNest.
  • What happens to my patient data if I don’t purchase the product after the free trial?

    • If you decide against purchasing TheraNest, your data will eventually be deleted from the software.
  • Does TheraNest offer self-check in for patients?

    • Yes. Patients can complete their intake forms electronically through the patient portal.
  • Can I message my patients with TheraNest?

    • There is a messaging option that offers HIPAA-compliant encryption.
  • Can I export my data from TheraNest?

    • Within TheraNest you have the option to export your data as a PDF, CSV file, or to an Excel sheet. If you’d like to export it in another form, the customer service team may be able to help.

Do We Recommend TheraNest?

TheraNest is a mental health software filled with a plethora of useful features. It has pretty much everything your therapy practice needs to function successfully. The software is reliable and HIPAA-compliant, so you can have peace of mind that it will be there when you need it.

The only major downside to TheraNest is the cost. Because of how expansive of a program it is, your practice will incur a major cost if they choose to implement it.

Ultimately, if you can afford to bring TheraNest into your business, we would recommend it.

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