TherapyNotes Review

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  • Date: July 4, 2022

TherapyNotes is the most trusted cloud-based EHR and practice management software for mental or behavioral health practices. With over 50,000 users, TherapyNotes is considered the largest platform or software for mental health professionals. It is available for practices of all sizes, including providers who need access outside their office or those with multiple locations.

This platform includes EHR (electronic health records), client portal, client scheduling, and medical billing.

It offers the following;

  • Streamlined scheduling and to-do list.
  • ERA payment posting, electronic insurance claims, and credit card processing
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Keeps your data secured, encrypted, and backed up regularly.

Keep reading to find out more about TherapyNotes.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent and responsive customer support
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use calendar and scheduling
  • Easier medical billing
  • Powerful electronic records and notes
  • More ways to pay and improve cash flow
  • Streamline client portal features
  • HIPAA-compliant telehealth
  • Safe and efficient integrated ePrescibe and medication management
  • Worry-free, built-in security and a fully encrypted centralized database
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices


  • Forms and appointments are not customizable
  • Telehealth does not support various advanced features like screen sharing and group appointments.
  • The Client Portal is limited compared to alternatives
  • Inconsistent Sync feature from the Client History Form. It might work with some clients but fail with others.

Main Features of TherapyNotes

Below are some of the main features of TherapyNotes, and how they benefit or enhance your health practice.

  1. Easy-to-Use & Intuitive Scheduling and Calendar

This feature allows you to schedule recurring or one-time appointments and manage clinician work schedules. It also provides easy access to appointment-related billing and notes from your calendar.

Furthermore, the calendar seamlessly connects to your client notes, billing, and records to assist you in staying organized.

This feature has the following tools;

  • Quick appointment scheduling. You can easily schedule practice-wide events, sessions, and intakes with just a few clicks.
  • Custom calendar view. You can organize your calendar based on which clinicians you want to see.
  • Mobile calendar sync. You can view your schedule easily using the in-built calendar software on your smartphone or tablet.

2) Personal To-Do List

This feature ensures that none of your tasks is overlooked. For instance, tasks are added to your To-Do list automatically whenever you want to;

  • Follow up with your client
  • Submit electronic claims
  • Renew administrative documents
  • Write notes for scheduled appointments
  • Update treatment plans

3) Automated Client Appointment Reminders

This helps reduce the chances of last-minute cancellations, no-shows, or overhead expenses with the automatic phone, email, and text appointment reminders for your clients.

For instance, it is the most ideal and non-costly way to reach out to your clients.

4) Online Electronic Medical records

This feature allows you to go paperless with file storage and unlimited HIPAA-compliant documents. You can access it wherever you have an active internet connection.

It features the following tools;

  • Secure document library. This allows you to share and store your documents securely.
  • Paperless client records. You can keep your clients’ records organized conveniently in every client’s chart.
  • Downloadable Notes and files. Any note, file, or document stored in TherapyNotes is available to download. You can also print or fax it from wherever you are.

5) Specialty Notes Types

This is a quick, robust, and easy-to-use feature. For instance, they include;

  • Robust clinical documentation. You can create clean, personal-centered, and rich documentation with the clinical note templates.
  • Designated process notes. They offer a secure and safe place to document sensitive information that is separate from your client’s medical records.
  • Organized administrative notes. The Miscellaneous, Missed Appointment, and Contact note templates assist clinical and administrative staff stay organized.

6) Built for Speedy-Note Taking Feature

Every note template combines checkboxes, text fields, and dropdown menus to balance ease of use and speed with comprehensive documentation. For instance, TherapyNotes note templates are compatible with speech-to-text software. Therefore, you can easily dictate all your notes in seconds.

This feature’s functionalities include the following;

  • Search diagnosis codes. Every note template has an easy and quick DSM-5 diagnosis code search. This will help you to record diagnoses in a flash.
  • Quick history review. You can pull previous information forward into your current notes with just a single click. You can also reference whatever you documented in your past notes.
  • Mental health spellcheck. This built-in spellchecker allows you to review your entire note or individual fields.

7) Electronic Insurance Billing Feature

This feature allows you to manage the insurance process easier, and they include;

  • Real Time Eligibility (RTG). It gives you detailed reports of the clients’ insurance coverage in a flash.
  • Electronic Insurance Claims. It allows you to submit claims with just a single click electronically.
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA). Allows you to post insurance payments effortlessly to your account.
  • Insurance Claim Status Tracking. You can check claim rejections, view electronic claims status, and resubmit claims easily.

8) Client Payment Tracking

This feature allows you to record client payments electronically. It also allows you to charge your client credit cards in TherepyNotes directly with the fully-integrated credit card processing.

9) Statements and Billing Reports

With only a few clicks, this TherapyNotes feature allows you to generate client statements, CMS-1500 forms, superbills, billing reports, etc.

If you can not find the report you want, you can use the custom filters to search the billing transactions. You can then export the results into a spreadsheet.

10) Integrated Debit, Credit, and HSA Card Processing

This feature gives your clients a wide range of ways to pay and improve cash flow. For instance, it does the following;

  • It charges your debit, credit, and HSA cards. Charges are automatically recorded in TherapyNotes. Therefore, you can keep all the clients’ accounting in one secure location.
  • Securely store the cards for future transactions. The data on your credit cards are encrypted. This assists in protecting your private payment information from tampering.
  •  Increases client satisfaction. It allows your clients to conveniently pay via debit, credit, or HSA card.

11) TherapyNotes Client Portal

This custom patient portal can be used for paperless intake and online scheduling. It is directly integrated into your EHR and is included with your TherapyNotes subscription at no extra cost.

It allows clients to complete paperwork and request appointments.

12) Secure Telehealth

This is a secure, online video appointments feature that allows you to meet your clients where they are.

It is so reliable and engaging that you will forget it is teletherapy. Instead, you will feel like they are in-person sessions with added comfort and convenience.

You can also schedule one-on-one video sessions with any of your clients, even if they are far apart. However, you can hide or reposition your preview or change the microphone or camera during the telehealth session for a flexible call experience.

Furthermore, it allows screen sharing. For instance, you can share any application or screen with your client to engage in review worksheets, activities, etc.

13) Medication management and Integrated ePrescribe

This feature allows you to efficiently prescribe and manage medication directly from your client’s chart. For instance, the integrated ePrescribe enables qualified prescribers to manage medications electronically. With this feature, you do not need handwritten scripts.

14) Worry-Free, Built-In Security

This feature ensures that all your records on TherapyNotes are kept secure so that you have less worry about them. For instance, TherapyNotes software is compliant with all HIPAA regulations. Therefore, records protection is always the highest priority.

It also provides first-class security infrastructure, including secure online access, strong data protection, and routine backup and disaster recovery.

Therapy also provides a secure login and account access. It also has integrated 2-factor authentication that provides additional protection.

15) Unparalleled Customer Support

TherapyNotes has an in-house customer support team that provides unlimited support via email and phone.

You can access these support services 24/7 in a variety of languages. Besides, TherapyNotes provides comprehensive training videos and guides to help you learn independently.

TherapyNotes client portal review

TherapyNotes client portal is the unique patient portal you can customize to fit the requirements of your practice.

It is normally included in your TherapyNotes subscription at no extra cost.

The Benefits of TherapyNotes Client Portal

  • It securely allows existing and new clients to request, cancel, or reschedule appointments online.
  • It enables clients to view when their preferred clinicians are available.
  • Allows you to customize your portal with a personal logo and color scheme to suit your brand and needs.
  • It lets you share documents with your clients. For instance, they can review, electronically sign, complete, and send them back to you.
  • Allows you to conduct telehealth sessions.
  • Enables clients to manage and view their upcoming appointments.
  • Enables clients to make debit and credit card payments.
  • Allows you to share pre-made forms with your clients. You can also update the client’s chart in your TherapyNotes with just a few button clicks via the client portal.
  • Enables you to share treatment plans, which your clients can review and sign.

However, it is vital to note that all functionalities on the TherapyNotes client portal are optional. So, you can choose how your visitors and clients interact with your online practice.

How to Enable and Customize the Client Portal

The TherapyNotes client portal user interface is intuitive, straightforward, and easy to use. Here is how you can enable your client portal;

Step 1: Select the User Icon

Step 2: Click on Settings and select Client Portal.

Step 3: Choose Enable TherapyNotes client portal.

If you have uploaded your TherapyNotes logo, the logo will automatically feature on your client portal.

Step 4: Customize how you want the client portal to operate using the settings available in the Client Portal Settings.

How to Invite Clients to Create Accounts With the Client Portal

Inviting clients to create an account with your client portal is easy. For instance, all you have to do is to send them a welcome email invite from the client portal tab of their chart.

The clients can access their account via their email address registered on TherapyNotes, a secure password, and their date of birth.

How to Manage Appointment Requests on the Client Portal

The appointment requests made by clients on your TherapyNotes client portal will automatical appear in your TherapyNotes account.

For instance, you can view, deny, or approve them.

All the appointment requests pending your approval will show up right on your To-Do list.

Sharing Documents on Client Portal

You can send anything such as homework or informative diagrams for your clients to review. So, if you want your clients to sign documents, you do not need to print them and have them sign them in your office.

For instance, you can just send your clients the document via the client portal and request them to sign it. They can then type or draw their signature on their computer or phone.

A legal or secure record of your signatures is available to your clients in their client portal accounts. You can also access it in their chart in TherapyNotes.

Suppose you have a custom form that you want your client to complete; you can simply send the form to them via the client portal. Your client has to download it, complete it, save it on their PC, and upload the completed form to your client portal.

How to Process Electronic Signatures and Complete paperwork Via Client Portal

When your client completes your request by uploading a document, signing a document, or submitting a form, you will automatically receive a reminder on your Client Portal To-Do list.

The completed documents and electronic signatures will be attached to the original document you sent to them in their chart. This helps in keeping your record organized and clean.

Whenever your client submits a pre-made form like the Patient Information Form, you can easily pull the submitted information directly into the client’s chart. You can also choose which of the client information you want to keep and what information you want to pull forward.

TherapyNotes pricing

TherapyNotes provides a wide range of subscription or pricing options to suit any organization. These include solo providers and retired medical practitioners who require secure access to their records.

Regardless of how you use TherapyNotes, each ricing plan begins with a 30-day free trial.

The pricing types supported by TherapyNotes are;

  • Standard subscription
  • Education subscription
  • Non-profit subscription
  • Storage

Standard Subscription

Standard subscription or pricing are broken down into;

  • Solo pricing. This one costs $49 per month. It applies to any solo medical provider who is the sole user on the account.
  • Group pricing. It costs $59 per month for the first clinician, $20 per month per intern and unlimited non-clinical users, and $30 per month per additional clinician.
  • Enterprise pricing. This plan uses similar rates as the Group pricing plan but needs more than 30 users on the account.

Non-profit subscription

With this subscription, the pricing is discounted to $25 per month per clinician and $20 per intern per month. However, to qualify for these discounts, you must upload your 501c3 certificate to your account.

If you register for TherapyNotes as a non-profit organization and fail to upload your 501c3 certificate copy, you will automatically be switched to one of the standard pricing plans.

Education subscription

This pricing plan is designed for educational institutions. For Mental Health Training Clinics, you should contact the TherapyNotes sales team for pricing.

However, TherapyNotes is completely free for those creating simulated practices in a classroom setting.


If you do not want to use your TherapyNotes account but wish to keep accessing your electronic records securely, there is a pricing plan for you. For instance, you can choose $9 per month for first users or $3 per month for additional users.

FAQs about TherapyNotes

Does TherapyNotes have an app?

TherapyNotes does not have an app for either android or iOS users. Instead, it is completely web or cloud-based. For instance, you can only access the client portal, therapy billing, general practice management and planning, various reports, etc., via the web or internet browser.

Is there a Therapy Notes promo code available to get a discount?

You can take advantage of many active TherapyNotes promo codes and deals to get a discount. However, you must always check the TherapyNotes sites regularly for the latest promo codes and deals.

The most popular and current promo codes and deals are;

  • Free trial when you sign up at TherapyNotes
  • Free months of TherapyNotes
  • Save up to $3.06 plus other charity benefits on TherapyNotes
  •  Get up to $15.99 off on all TherapyNotes items on eBay
  • Get 20% off selected TherapyNotes products.

How easy is it to write a note in TherapyNotes?

TherapyNotes offers a wide range of robust note templates that will help you write a note quickly and easily.

Every note template is specially designed for behavioral health professionals’ specific but unique needs.

The templates combine checkboxes, dropdown menus, and text fields to balance ease of use and speed with personal-centered documentation.

Here is how you can write a note on your TherapyNotes;

Write a note from the To-Do list

You will be required to click on To-Do.

TherapyNotes will automatically create an item on its To-Do list whenever a scheduled appointment happens. This helps in completing the note from that session.

You can then click on the link in the To-Do list item to create your corresponding note.

Write a note from the calendar.

You will need to go to Scheduling and select Appointment > Notes tab.

It is vital to note that clicking on a completed appointment will bring up a dialog with more details about the appointment, notes, and billing items. The Notes tab provides links to a note that might be related to the session, including the Missed Appointment Note and appropriate session note.

You can then click on the link for whatever note type you want to create.

Write a note without an appointment.

You need to click on Patients (Clients) and select Patient Name > Documents.

It is vital to note that not all documentation in your TherapyNotes is associated with an appointment.

Therefore, you can view all the note templates you can access in TherapyNotes by clicking the Create Note button. A list of all the available note templates will appear.

Can you Charge your client’s credit card via TherapyNotes?

TherapyNotes provides you with fully-integrated credit card processing services. This allows you to securely charge your client’s debit, credit, and HSA cards. These cards can be entered manually into your TherapyNotes when entering your client’s payment. You can also use a USB card reader to swipe the cards into your TherapyNotes.

Here is how you can charge your debit, credit, or HSA card via TherapyNotes;

Step 1: Select Patients and click on Patient name > Patient Billing and then enter the client’s payment.

Step 2: In the Payment Method dropdown, choose Swipe a new Debit/Credit card. You can also enter a new credit or debit card manually. A security token containing the card’s expiry date, last four digits, and type, is used to identify the previously entered cards.

Step 3: Input the payment amount and then allocate the funds.

Step 4:  Select Charge Card & Save New Payment.

Can you sync your TherapyNotes calendar with another calendar app?

You can easily sync your TherapyNotes calendar with another calendar app using the TherapyNotes Sync Calendar feature. This allows you to access your schedule or view your schedule on the go even if the TherapyNotes is unavailable.

The Sync Calendar feature only allows a one-way sync for your security. That’s is, from TherapyNotes to the Calendar app. So, unverified calendar apps are not allowed to be pushed into TherapyNotes.

For instance, changes made to your TherapyNotes calendar via external calendar apps will not reflect in your TherapyNotes.

The external calendar apps that you can sync your TherapyNotes calendar include;

  • Google Calendar app
  • iCalendar app
  • Outlook Calendar

Here is how you can sync your TherapyNotes calendar with other external calendar apps;

Step 1: Tab on the User Icon and select Settings.

Step 2: Select “Sync TherapyNotes Calendar With Other External Calendar Apps.”

Step 3: Under Device-Specific Instructions and Program, select your device or the Calendar app program.

You can then follow the on-screen guides on your device or the Calendar app.

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